1/5 ctw Petite Yin Yang Black & White Round Cut Diamond Fashion Stud Earring in 10K White Gold

The Yin-Yang symbol originates from the Chinese culture and symbolizes the two genders. Yang, the white side, represents the male and related traits such as strength, positivity, dominance, light, heat, and movement. Yin, the black side, signifies femininity, intuitiveness, creativity, darkness, coldness, stillness, and passiveness. The symbol is much worn in jewelry. This pair of Petite Yin-Yang diamond fashion stud earrings is quite eye-catching. It features an open window Yin-Yang symbol, with black diamonds marking the Yin and white diamonds the Yang. 28 each black and white, total 56, prong hand set round cut diamonds embellish the studs. The Petite diamond fashion stud earrings are styled in a black and white rhodium finish 10 karat white gold. Total diamond weight is 1/5 ctw.
Vendor: ASHI
Product Type: Earrings

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